Corporate StrategyCorporate Strategy

We will continue to enhance our leading position in Nanjing and strategically expand into other selected cities. On the one hand, we will continue to consolidate and improve the leading position in the Nanjing market; on the other hand, we will strengthen the business expansion of potential purchasing power cities such as the Yangtze River Economic Belt, Zhejiang Hangzhou Bay Area, Huaihai Economic Zone, such as Suzhou, Wuxi, Hefei Hangzhou and Xuzhou.

In product development, We will strive to offer our customers livable, eco-friendly and high quality properties which are in line with our core development strategy of “leading quality, excellent services and energy conservation”by enhancing the architectural and landscape designs, functionality of the properties and level of comfort and improve the quality of our properties, organize a variety of activities for our customers to continuously improve our product quality, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

In terms of business model, we will continue to adopt a diversified development strategy. Cooperate with third-party property developers through Associates and joint ventures to integrate and optimize resources and create benefit.

In addition, we will continue to maintain a balanced growth of finance and business, and continue to recruit and retain talent.