Investor CalendarInvestor Calendar

Date Place Activity
2021.05.24 Online (by AceCamp) Investor meeting
2021.03.30 Nanjing & online (Playback link with 6-month validity<br/> 2020 Annual Results Presentation
2021.01.06 Shenzhen, PRC (by Zhitong Finance) Corporate Day
2020.11.24 Hangzhou, PRC Investors and analysts site visit
2020.11.18 Online (by Roadshow China) Investor Presentation
2020.11.16 Chengdu, PRC ( by Gelonghui) Corporate Day
2020.10.29 Online (by Futuniuniu) Investor Presentation
2020.08.21 Nanjing & online 2020 Interim Results Presentation
2020.05.29 Nanjing 2020 Annual General Meeting
2020.05.14 Online (by Essence International and WonderfulSky Financial) The Development Trend and Layout Strategy of Yangtze River Delta Real Estate Forum
2020.04.01 Online Investors and medias presentation for 2019 Annual Results
2019.12.05 Nanjing Investors open day and non-deal roadshow for Nanjing projects
2019.08.16 N.A. Announce 2019 Interim Results
2019.04.30 Nanjing Investors and analysts site visit