Yincheng International Announced Aggregated Contracted Sales Significantly Increased 402.5% YOY to Approximately RMB2.09 Billion in January 20212021.02.08

【5 February 2021, Hong Kong】An established property developer in the PRC focusing on developing quality residential properties in the Yangtze River Delta Megalopolis for customers of all ages, Yincheng International Holding Co., Ltd. (“Yincheng International” or the “Company”, together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”, Stock code: 1902.HK) (Moody's: “B2”/Lianhe Global “B+”) is pleased to announce unaudited operating figures for January 2021 (the “Month”).

In January 2021, the aggregated contracted sales of the Group, together with its joint ventures and associates, amounted to approximately RMB2.09 billion, significantly increased 402.5% YoY, the contracted gross floor area amounted to approximately 73,007 sq. m., substantially increased 266.5% and the average contracted selling price amounted to approximately RMB28,633 per sq. m..

The Group recorded a staggering increase in sales, mainly contributed by the robust sales performance of company projects including Nanjing Jinglingjiuyuan (南京金陵玖園), Anhui Zhilu (安徽知廬) and Zhejiang Guanhuzhichen (浙江觀湖之宸). These projects amounted to approximately RMB1.26 billion which accounted 60.3% to the total aggregated contracted sales of the Month.

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