Yincheng International Announced Aggregated Contracted Sales Significantly Increased 2.5 Times YOY to RMB2.7 Billion in May2021.06.07

Yincheng International is pleased to announce its unaudited operating figuresfor May 2021.

In May 2021, the aggregated contracted sales of the Group, together with its joint ventures and associates, amounted to approximately RMB2.7 billion, and the contracted gross floor area amounted to approximately 192,137sq.m., significantly increased 249.1% and 291.9% YoY, respectively; the average contracted selling price amounted to approximately RMB14,205 per sq.m..

In the first five months of 2021, the Group recorded a aggregated contracted salesof approximately RMB12.8 billion, representing a substantial increase of 305.4%,and a contracted gross floor area of approximately 640,129sq.m., representing an increase of 273.9%. The average contracted selling price was approximately RMB19,900 per sq. m..

The Group has recorded an outstanding sales performance in the first five months. In pursuing the development strategy of “based in Nanjing, cultivate the Yangtze River Delta and radiate the urban area”(「立足南京,深耕長三角,輻射都市圈」), the Group’s Qingshanhupan project (青山湖畔項目) , Guanhuzhichen project (觀湖之宸項目) in Hangzhou and Jinglingjiuyuan project in Nanjing (南京金陵玖 園)continue to achieve a robust sales performance. These three projects contributed approximately RMB5.4 billion which accounted approximately 42.3% to the total aggregated contracted sales of the first five months.

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